Technical content marketing

May 5, 2016


I can design and implement a technical content marketing campaign that will show your prospective clients the competitive advantages of your technology, and persuade them to view you as a natural partner to do business with.

My success in such campaigns is based on my background in engineering, which allows me to understand your products’ key points and advantages, and their significance in the market. This background is complemented by my experience in writing copy and content items, from press releases to white papers, and using them as synergistic components within ongoing campaigns – reaching the right audiences with the right messages, driving a sustained output and visibility through a balanced set of media channels.

To learn more about how I run these campaigns, why they’re efficient and why they work, visit the Charig Associates Strategy and Benefits page. If you’d like to discuss your ideas and how I could help, contact me for a no-obligations discussion on +44(0)20 8933 0917 or